You are loved.

You matter.

You are important.


While these phrases seem kind and beneficial, they are often not enough to help the person who is deeply struggling. Someone enveloped in the dark cloud of depression will likely discount every statement. You may say, “you are loved.” She will internally respond with, “you wouldn’t love me if you really knew me.” “You matter” becomes “my family doesn’t seem to care. No one cares what I do or where I am. No one is interested in my life.” “You are important” gets turned into “I am replaceable.” 


I have a challenge for us all (yes, I am including myself!): qualify the statement. Tell the person in front of you why they are loved. Tell her why she matters. Tell him why he is important. Don’t assume they know. And this goes for all of the people in our lives, not just the ones we think are struggling. 


Husbands, tell your wives why you love them. Mothers, tell your children why they matter. Sister, tell your sister why she is important to you. Manager, tell your people individually why they are important. Be specific. Be honest. Do not let your people go unnoticed.


How will you use this and offer hope to others this week?


Ideas for application:

Write a note and leave it for your spouse

Give a social media shoutout to a friend/family member

Send a thank you of encouragement to someone important to you

Send a text to a friend

Verbally tell your person what they mean to you

Develop a timeline of significant events in life and show your person how he/she impacted your life


Please share with us your own ideas, too!