Valentine’s Day Blog

Valentine’s Day Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We thought it would be appropriate to share with you some advice on building and maintaining a healthy relationship or marriage from some of our fantastic counselors. 

Sawyer Nix emphasized the importance of intentional communication, beyond discussions about your schedule. Taking at least five minutes a day to have an intentional conversation about your life with your significant other, without the distraction of technology is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship, and will prove beneficial when conflict arises. 

Holly Spiars discussed expectations. She raised the question, “how important is it for you to be right?,” and encourages you to filter your expectations. Sometimes, she says, you have to let go of control and be flexible to make a relationship, or marriage, work. In addition, she mentions that if unmet expectations were never spoken, you do not have the right to be angry.  For further reinforcement, she recommends Philippians 2. 

Kate Earle’s message is that “a fruitful marriage requires the faithful tilling and work to produce the fruits of love, joy, and peace within the relationship. Most individuals set their gaze on the fruits of a healthy marriage (love, companionship, etc.), but fail to recognize the necessity of the work required to bear such fruit. A huge part of this work involves sacrificing your own desires for the benefit of your spouse. Another part of this work requires communication on part of both parties. Ultimately, our model for how to produce a healthy marriage is the example of how Christ depicts his love for the church, in which sacrifice, communication, and great care is exemplified.”

John Nolette compared relationships to harmony in music. He said, “ in music, harmony is often defined as a combination of musical notes or sounds that blend to produce a pleasing sound. A musician or singer is focused on their part and does not miss a single note. The end result is a perfect sound that transcends time. In marriage, harmony requires the same level of focus and attention. Two people doing their part to love and serve one another. The result just like in music is two parts perfectly blended surpassing all expectations and lasting for a lifetime.”

We hope that you had a lovely Valentine’s Day with the ones that you love.

Troubles Don’t Last Always

Troubles Don’t Last Always

Nehemiah 9:18-21

By: Dr. James Noble

My wife asked me how I was handling the current situation with the ongoing pandemic, stay-at-home order, and self-quarantine. I gave her my best Christian answer. I responded without hesitation, “I am doing well. I’m reading God’s Word and keeping my mind stayed on Him.” Immediately after the conversation with my wife, I started making phone calls to members of the church to pray with them and to see if they had enough food and home supplies because of the shortages in the stores. I thought I was doing well until I made the next phone call.

This one member had a sister that recently died due to a head injury. Through her tears, she explained to me how grieved her family was and how they were not able to be at her sister’s bedside during her last hours because of Covid-19. Hospitals were not allowing family members to visit sick relatives in an attempt to keep the virus from spreading. Her family was angry and devastated. After the doctors removed the life support system, a nurse approached them in the parking lot of the hospital and said, “I’m putting my job on the line but follow me! I will allow you to see your sister.” The family received a moment of relief. They were able to spend the last 15 minutes together as a family before their loved one passed away.

After that conversation, the weight of everything came crumbling down on me. Consequently, I realized that I was not alright, as I had previously mentioned to my wife a few minutes earlier. Looking up at the blue sky on the patio of my home, I became quite emotional. As a pastor, I was supposed to be strong but I had a moment of weakness. Troubled times like these can mentally wear you down to the point of anguish and hopelessness.

At that point, I had to find strength and hope. Where would I turn? I would go to my source of solace, the Scriptures.

In the book of Nehemiah 9:18-21, we read some encouraging words of how God demonstrated His deep devotion and miraculous wonders to the children of Israel with they were living in desperate times. After they had left Egypt, they were in the wilderness for 40 years. God would provide for them in ways that would benefit us during the difficult days that we are experiencing.   


The children of Israel made a golden calf and claimed that it was the god that delivered them out of Egypt, (Nehemiah 9:18). Even in their rebellion, God did not forsake them. In Nehemiah 9:19, we see where God provided his “manifold mercies.” Psalm 136 proclaims how God’s mercy endures forever. During critical circumstances of our day, we can take comfort in the magnificent mercies of God. He will not fail us.


While the children of Israel were in the wilderness, God miraculously directed their paths. He led them with a pillar of cloud by day and by a pillar of fire by night. Additionally, He gave them His Spirit to instruct them (Nehemiah 19-20). When we have difficult days, it is hard to know which way to turn. When we put our trust in God, His Holy Spirit can lead us in the right direction. We have His GPS, God’s Powerful Spirit.   


For 40 years God sustained the children of Israel in the wilderness. They did not need a Chick-fil-A. He fed them manna. They did not need a water supplier because He provided water for them. Lastly, they did not need a doctor because their feet did not swell and their clothes did not wear out, (Nehemiah 9:20-21). God took care of them. He is Jehovah-jireh. God provides for His children. He knows what we need and He will sustain us during times of uncertainty.

I am so glad that troubles don’t last always.

“This poor man called out, and the LORD heard him; He saved him from all his troubles, (Psalm 34:6.)