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Does life seem like the struggles keep coming and the stress keeps building without an end in sight?

Is your child anxious or depressed and you aren’t sure what to do?

Do you have persistent obsessive thoughts that feel like they are running your life?

Is your adolescent anxious, frustrated, depressed, withdrawn, or high-stressed?

Then you landed at the right place!

Restoring Hope Counseling, LLC seeks to help individuals and families find hope and healing. Our team of counselors takes a unique approach to counseling by using therapeutic strategies* while maintaining a foundation of Christian faith.
Each client’s counseling experience is tailored to best fit that individual. There are never any faith obligations for the client; rather, there is an openness to discovering truth and wholeness by finding a sense of safety in the counseling setting.
*Counseling Strategies: TFCBT, ACT, DBT, CBT, SF, ERF

We specialize in:

Anxiety & Depression

Stress Management

Childhood & Adolescent Issues

Pre-marital & Marriage Counseling

OCD & Autism Spectrum Disorders

Searching for Purpose or Direction

Sports Psychology

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Restoring Hope Counseling, LLC

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